Foundations of Information Science

UNC School of Information and Library Science, INLS 201, Spring 2017

Naming things

Due January 30.

For your first assignment you must name 50 things. Please complete the assignment by noon on Monday, January 30. It is not graded, but you will lose points if you do not complete it.

Finding examples of controlled vocabularies

Due February 7.

Find a controlled vocabulary, either offline or online. Determine what it is used for, and what kind of controlled vocabulary it is. (Hint: look at how it deals with relations among terms.) Then, add one slide to this deck of slides to present what you found. Your slide should show a picture or screenshot of (part of) the controlled vocabulary. It should also clearly state what kind of controlled vocabulary it is, and explain what the vocabulary is intended to be used for. Don’t forget to put your name someplace on the slide! Please post your slide before 9AM on Tuesday, February 7.