Foundations of Information Science

UNC SILS, INLS 201, Fall 2020

Weekly reading quizzes

Each week you will take a short quiz to check your understanding of that week’s reading. You should complete the quiz before you attend recitation that week.

Exam 1

Due September 17.

For the first exam you will demonstrate, in writing, your understanding of the concepts introduced during the first unit. Specifically, you will be asked to analyze a form of communication from the perspectives of documentation, semiotics, and information theory.

The exam is available here.

Due September 17 at 12 noon.

Submit this assignment.

Exam 2

Due October 16.

The second exam will be given on Sakai. It will consist primarily of short-answer and multiple choice questions, and will focus primarily on the second unit of the course. You can take the second exam at any time during the week starting October 12, but you will have a maximum of two hours to complete it (unless you have made other arrangements). The second exam will be made available on October 12.

Selection system investigation

Due November 20.

During the last five weeks of the semester, you will work with two or three of your classmates to conduct a preliminary investigation of a selection system. Investigative proposals will be due the week starting October 26. You will discuss your investigative findings with your recitation section during the last week of classes. The deliverables for the project also include a more durable presentation of your findings, such as a narrated slide show, a video, a diagram, or a web page.

A detailed description of the requirements for the final project is available here.

Due November 20 at 5PM.

Submit this assignment.