Foundations of Information Science

UNC SILS, INLS 201, Fall 2021

Weekly reading quizzes

Each week you will take a short quiz to check your understanding of that week’s reading. You should complete the quiz before coming to lecture each week, unless I tell you otherwise.

Exam #1

Due September 24.

For the first exam you will demonstrate, in writing, your understanding of the concepts introduced during the first unit. Specifically, you will be asked to analyze a form of communication from the perspectives of documentation, semiotics, and information theory.

The exam is available here.

Due Friday, September 24 at 11:59 PM.

Submit this assignment.

Exam #2

Due November 1.

The exam consists of 35 questions. 33 of these questions are multiple choice. The other 2 questions are also multiple choice, but require a short written justification of your answer. The questions focus primarily on the material we’ve covered during the second unit of the course. Some questions cover material from the first unit.

The exam is available here.

You can take the exam at any time; however it must be submitted by 11:55PM on Monday, November 1.

Selecting system analysis

Due December 9.

During the last five weeks of the semester, working with two or three of your classmates, you will apply what you’ve learned to analyze a real-world selecting system. You will present your analysis in the form of a video.

Proposals are due the week starting November 9. Turn in your proposal to your recitation instructor.

A detailed description of the requirements for the final project is available here.

Your video presentation should be submitted via Panopto. (I will post an announcement with detailed instructions on how to submit closer to the due date.)

Each group should only submit one video.

Due December 9 at 11:59PM.