A Digital Gazetteer of North Carolina

UNC SILS, INLS 490-186, Spring 2021

Group project

Due May 14.

Each project group will submit a zip file containing

  1. a CSV file with the new and updated gazetteer entries your group created, and
  2. a PDF file documenting your group’s work.

See below for further details about what each of these should include.

Submit your zip file using the link below on or before May 14th.

CSV file

You should submit a single CSV file (not XLS or any other spreadsheet format) containing both existing and new gazetteer entries. If a row is updating an existing entry, it should have a value in the id column matching the id in the current version of the gazetteer. Otherwise the id should be left blank.

Any columns corresponding to existing columns in the current version of the gazetteer should have the same name. So for example if you have a column with Wikidata IDs, it should be named wikidata_id, matching what is in the current version of the gazetteer.

Any new columns you add should have names following the conventions of the existing column names: * all lowercase * multiple words separated by underscores * singular, not plural (e.g. postal_address not postal_addresses)

If you have columns that can have multiple values, use a pipe character (|) to separate the values.

If you wish to credit individual team members for individual entries, you can include two additional columns named creator and contributor. Each column may have multiple values. Each value may be: * the full name of the creator / contributor (e.g. “Ryan Shaw”), or * an ORCID ID identifying the creator / contributor (e.g. “https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5486-159X”).

Registering for an ORCID ID is free, if you wish to do that.

If a row is updating an existing gazetteer entry, the creator column should be blank (since no one in your group created it).

If your group does not include creator and contributor columns in your CSV, I will assume that all group members created the new gazetteer entries, and all group members contributed to the updated gazetteer entries.

PDF report

Your PDF should include the following sections:

  1. Documentation of your CSV file. This should include explanations of any new columns you added, and how to understand the values in these columns if it is not obvious.

  2. Documentation of your research process. This should include details about the sources you consulted and tools you used to produce your CSV file. It should also include a description of sources you consulted that turned out to be not be useful, or other things you tried that did not pan out, or that you did not have time to finish.

  3. Ideas for future work. This can include things you ran out of time to do, sources that you found but did not have time to investigate, or anything else that you would suggest a future group might work on.

  4. Credit and acknowledgements. This should list each member of your group and state what their contribution was. You can also acknowledge the assistance of others not in the group here.

Submit this assignment.