Organization of Information

UNC School of Information and Library Science, INLS 520, Fall 2013

Evaluation & Grading

Course grades will be determined as follows:

For graduate students, points will be converted to letter grades as follows:

100-95: H, 94-80: P, 79-70: L, < 70: F

For undergraduate students, points will be converted to letter grades as follows:

100-95: A, 94-91: A-, 90-88: B+, 87-85: B, 84-81: B-, 80-78: C+, 77-75: C, 74-71: C-, 70-68: D+, 67-60: D, < 60: F

See the undergraduate bulletin for definitions of these letter grades.


You are expected to attend class and actively participate in (but not dominate) class discussions. Beyond that baseline, there are are two other ways you are required to participate:

Quantitatively assessing participation is difficult, but here’s one way to think about it:

You begin the semester with five participation points. You can raise this to the full ten by regularly participating in online and in-class discussions, regularly posting interesting and relevant items to the discussion forum, and insightfully answering questions and commenting on others’ contributions. Conversely, failing to attend class, tuning out of class discussions, and failing to comment on readings will cause you to lose participation points.

Communicating with me

Email is the best way to communicate with me outside of class. It is particularly well-suited for short-answer and clarification questions.

I will try my best to respond to you within a 24-hour period, but in some cases it may take 2 to 3 days. Please keep this in mind when you are scheduling your own activities, especially those related to exam or assignment preparation. If you wait until the day before an exam or assignment due date to ask me a clarification question, there is a good chance that you will not receive a response in time.

If you need assistance understanding a concept or an assignment, or have another potentially complicated question, then please make an appointment for my office hours. If you ask a question via email that I believe is better suited for in-person discussion, then I will ask you to make an office hours appointment. If you have questions about how your assignment was evaluated, then you must make an office hours appointment. I will not discuss your grades or my evaluation of your work via email.

Honor Code

You are expected to know and respect UNC Honor Code. Collaboration, discussion, and seeking assistance from other students is encouraged in this class and is not inconsistent with the Honor Code. In the case of written work, all words drawn from others must be attributed appropriately.