Making the Humanities Digital

UNC School of Information and Library Science, INLS 890-186, Fall 2012

Who’s Teaching It

Ryan Shaw

When & Where It Is

Tuesdays 6-8:45 PM

Manning 307

What It Is

According to the New York Times, “data” is “the next big idea in language, history and the arts.” What does this mean? In an attempt to find out, this seminar will investigate the not-so-new field of the “digital humanities.” Topics to be investigated include: computational methods for humanist research, new ways of presenting and disseminating humanist thought, new media as objects of humanistic inquiry, interdisciplinary work in the humanities, and critiques of the digital humanities. Implications for libraries, archives and museums as well as public engagement in the humanities will be emphasized throughout.

The course meets once a week. Part of each meeting will be devoted to discussing readings and developing an understanding of the theoretical, philosophical, and political dimensions of the topics. The other meeting will be devoted to hands-on work, using and designing tools for humanistic exploration.

Is That All?

Nope! You should probably check out the guidelines.